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Bicycle accident attorney, Thomas R. Lefly, is a dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer who represents bicycle accident victims and their families in and around Denver. Personal injury Lefly, founder of Lefly Law Firm, can help you in your time of need.

Bicycle accident attorney Thomas R. Lefly

Image of bicycle accident victim on crutchesA bicycle accident, by its very nature, is usually devastating for the bicyclist who does not have the protective cocoon of sheet metal as does the car or truck driver who collided with the bicycle. A bicycle accident happens suddenly, without warning, and can cause serious personal injury or even result in death. If you are the victim of a bicycle accident facing serious medical bills, experiencing ongoing pain, are missing work — or still unable to work or work to the degree you once did — you likely need some major financial compensation.

Fortunately, financial compensation and help with medical needs is often available to bicycle accident victims. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of laws surrounding bicycle accidents, pursuing a bicycle accident claim on your own is very difficult.

There are many causes of bicycle accidents, due to the negligence of drivers:

  • Negligent Drivers not paying attention
  • Drunk drivers
  • Drivers failing to yield to stop signs

For these and other causes – financial compensation may be available to Denver area bicycle accident victims.

Injured?   It’s Time to Consult a Bicycle Accident Attorney

As bicyclists are keenly aware, drivers of cars and trucks characteristically do not pay adequate attention to their surroundings. Many motorists do not respect the rights of bike riders. Negligent drivers do not carefully look for bicycle riders before making lane changes, exiting driveways, leaving stop signs. Careless drivers rarely check their mirrors before opening their car doors.

Far too often, bicycle riders are injured or killed by negligent motorists. Negligent motorists often fail to check their blind spots before changing lanes, or make turns directly in front of oncoming bicyclists, sideswipe them traveling on the shoulder or choose to drive illegally under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most troubling of all, is that most motorists are seemingly ignorant of Colorado traffic laws which gives bicycle riders the same legal right to use the roadways as any other motorist.

Preserving Evidence Following a Bicycle Accident

Following a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle, contact bicycle accident attorney, Thomas R. Lefly, immediately. Statistics demonstrate that the driver of the motor vehicle is usually at fault in a vehicle and bicycle accident.

It is critically important to preserve evidence by:

  • Taking pictures of the accident scene, close and panoramic
  • Taking pictures of the car or truck and your bike
  • Taking pictures of the injured bicyclist (digital is free – take MANY – both close and varying angles & lighting)
  • Make written notes of road conditions, time of day, weather, traffic
  • Document ALL damage to any property (fences, trees, barriers, etc.)
  • Well-preserved evidence will help us ensure that the fullest financial compensation can be obtained in cases of serious bicycle accident injury or wrongful death.

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    Getting Justice for a Bicycle Accident is Hard — We Can Help!

    If you have suffered a bicycle accident because of the carelessness or negligence of a motor vehicle driver while riding your bicycle, the medical bills for your injury and the time off work can have a huge impact on your financial stability. The insurance company of the motorist who hit you will fight because they tend to think that bicyclists should always yield the right of way to vehicles.

    Though insurance companies are “in the vehicle insurance business,” they pretend that bicyclists are not legally considered motorists! The law clearly states that bicycle riders are entitled to use roadways just as any other motorist, yet insurance adjusters will treat the injury claim in a way that is unfair, and unjust – because of their own misunderstandings and generalizations against bicyclists. Moreover, insurance adjusters are trained and rewarded to low-ball your case and attempt to avoid paying for the injuries their driver caused.

    What Damages Can Be Sought in a Bicycle Accident Case?

    Damages recoverable in a bicycle accident or personal injury case often can include the following:

    Past and future medical bills: The amount of the medical bills necessary to treat your injury, both in the past and future.

    Past and future lost earning capacity: The amount of money you could have earned had you not been injured.

    Past and future lost income: The amount of money you actually lost due to the injury and will lose in the future.

    Past and future physical impairment: How you have been physically impaired in the past due to your injury, and how you will be physically impaired in the future.

    Past and future disfigurement: How the injury has physically disfigured you in the past, and how it will do so in the future.

    Past and future mental anguish: How your physical injury has caused mental anguish to the point that it is more than mere disappointment, resentment, embarrassment, or anger, and how it will do so in the future.

    Past and future pain and suffering: Financial compensation is allowed based on the common sense, knowledge and sense of justice of a jury. Determining the value of pain and suffering in terms of settling a claim is therefor done by trying to think of how a jury will think the value is.

    Property damage: Damage done to your property, such as your bike, smartphone, specialty clothing, glasses, etc. is recoverable in an accident case.

    Loss of use of your property: – such as rental car bills if you biked to work or school, or if you used your bike or property in your business and lost some of your income while the bike was not able to be driven is recoverable in an accident case.

    Storage: If your property was taken from the scene and stored in a storage yard or building, you will have bills for that storage. This is recoverable in an accident case.

    Total loss of property: If your bike, phone, other property was destroyed and cannot be repaired, you are entitled to recover its value that it would have been worth just prior to the accident.

    Diminished value of property: If your bike or other property has been repaired, but it is now worth less money due to it having been involved in the accident, then you are entitled to recover money for the diminished value of your property.

    Loss of body member or mental function: If you have lost an arm, leg, or mental function or capacity due to the accident or injury, then you may recover damages for the harm that was caused.

    Loss of consortium (spouse, parental, child/filial): If the injury was severe enough that it has caused you to no longer enjoy the companionship of your spouse or family members, then you are entitled to recover based on how this has damaged your family relationships.

    Loss of services: If a spouse or partner can no longer do their normal household duties due to the injury, then they are entitled to recover for this.

    Punitive Damages: Are allowed with the purpose of “punishing” the person who caused the injury for very bad or illegal behavior, with the intent of discouraging such behavior from occurring again in the future.

    Other Damages: that may be recoverable in accident and injury cases include prenatal injury, exemplary damages, prejudgment interest, attorney’s fees, and court costs.

    Seek the Help of Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorneys for Your Claim

    Negotiating an effective settlement requires a thorough understanding of the facts of the case, the law that applies, the value of the claim, and the ability and willingness to take a case to trial where necessary. Denver bicycle accident lawyer, Thomas R. Lefly, works tirelessly to win verdicts and financial awards on behalf of clients and their families who were injured or killed. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident, contact Thomas R. Lefly for a free consultation regarding your potential claims.

    Contingency Fee Basis — No Win, No Pay

    Denver Personal Injury LawyerContingency fee arrangements allow ALL accident victims –no matter the size of their bank account– the ability to take advantage of top-drawer legal representation by bicycle accident attorney Thomas R. Lefly. Because attorney Lefly takes bicycle accident cases on a contingency fee basis, getting immediate professional legal help is but a phone call away.

    What does ‘contingency fee basis’ mean to you? You do not have to pay us any type of fee out of pocket. In fact, you will not even have to pay us a dime unless we win your case. The contingent fee arrangement is also commonly referred to as “NO WIN – NO FEE” because the client is not held responsible for payment in the event that the attorneys are not successful in recovering an insurance settlement or jury award for money damages.

    If you have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, we encourage you to call us today at (720) 773-9333 for a Free Confidential consultation.

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