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Contingency Fee Basis
No Win - No Fee

Contingency Fee Basis

Contingency Fee Basis allows normal people –who are not wealthy– to access the top-notch legal representation they need. A contingency fee arrangement can level-the playing field, enabling ANYONE to fight big, powerful, insurance companies, corporations, the government, and the even the police. Denver personal injury lawyer, Thomas R. Lefly, founder of Lefly Law Firm, can represent you against these powerful behemoths using his skills, resources and his money – not yours!

Denver personal injury attorney, Thomas R. Lefly, offers sophisticated, top-drawer legal services on a contingency fee basis so that anyone can fight for their rights and get the financial compensation they need to pay for current and future medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and when warranted, punitive financial damages.

What does ‘Contingency Fee Basis’ mean to you? Taking your personal injury or accident case on a Contingency Fee basis, means that you do not have to pay us any type of fee out of pocket. In fact, you will not even have to pay anything at all unless we win your case. The contingent fee arrangement is commonly referred to as “NO WIN — NO FEE” because the client is not held responsible for payment in the event your Denver personal injury attorney is not successful in recovering an insurance settlement or jury award for money damages. Frankly, that coming up without a settlement doesn’t happen often because we have a very good sense that you have a solid case once we visit with you in person during your Free Consultation.

In a contingency fee arrangement, if when we win your case, our fees are deducted as a percentage of the amount that we recover for you, according to a predetermined payment agreement.

Contingency Fee Cases ‘Level the Playing Field’ for Victims

Contingency Fee BasisWe understand how important it is for you to be able to take advantage of top-notch, skilled personal injury attorneys at this traumatic time in your life, which is why we are willing to accept the ALL the risks associated with contingency fee representation.

Contingency fee arrangements level the playing field in accident claims and make it possible for people from all walks of life to pursue justice.

The insurance company has vast financial resources, teams of well-paid, clever lawyers to mount a defense against your claim, but with contingent-fee representation, you can put heavyweight lawyers in your corner to fight for the monetary compensation you rightly deserve.

Contingency Fee Arrangements for Best Possible Results

Hiring a Denver personal injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis not only makes it far easier for accident victims to afford the costs of top notch legal representation, but also ensures that you receive the benefits of working with an attorney who is motivated to getting results in your case. Because we are not paid unless you win, we are fully dedicated and focused on winning your case and recovering the maximum amount of monetary compensation possible.

We carry the ALL the Costs to Ensure the Best Possible Results

When we take on a client’s accident claim on a contingency fee basis, WE PAY for the costs of investigation, consulting with and hiring expert witnesses, and the all the hours that go into preparing your case for trial. In negotiations and litigation in the courtroom, we are not only fighting to win compensation for you –our client– we are also working diligently to recover payment to offset our own investment in your case. We are Motivated!

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To find out how much your case may be worth and get started on your accident claim, CALL US for a Free Consultation at (720) 912-1777. If you are at work or cannot call ring now, please take a minute to fill out Attorney Lefly’s CASE EVALUATION FORM that goes to him immediately upon your submittal.

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